Dr. Diana Prescott

for APA President
Psychology, Under One Umbrella

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Psychology would not exist without our scientific base on which we rely for the underpinnings of what is meaningful and important in our work as psychologists.


Practice needs electronic tools and financial support to address the massive need for care that exists in our country, while simultaneously engaging in prevention efforts


Having taught and supervised students, I am very concerned about graduate student debt.  I believe we should engender mentorship and apprenticeship in our field.


Applied Psychology is one of our most important links with global psychology, connecting us with the multitude of ways in which psychology improves lives and is used by our colleagues around the world.


I am dedicated to uniting, protecting, and advocating for the needs of psychology and psychologists. We need to come together as an organization to advance our priorities and defend and protect our people.

Social Justice

If APA can get social justice right within our organization, our collective unity, voice, excitement and energy will provide a model for our nation and world.

"My desire is to form a large diverse organizational umbrella under which all psychologists bring their unique mixture of age, race, religion, cultural background, geography, socioeconomic status, physical difference, sexual orientation, gender identity, political perspective, and theoretical orientation united by our love of the discipline of psychology and our agreed-upon strategic plan. Under this umbrella, we will continue to strive to hear and respond to the varied voices of all psychologists, meeting their unique needs and helping them obtain necessary resources to develop to their full potential."

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Meet Diana

Diana (she/her) is trained as a clinical psychologist in community and developmental psychology with a rural specialty. She has over 15 years of leadership and service to the profession. She is the daughter to a farmer, is a mother of 3, and loves to travel. 

"There are clear barriers for equity and inclusion even within our professional association. The ability to make the positive changes needed to make our organization more inclusive will require not only a fresh take in thinking, but strong allyship to amplify the voices of those marginalized, even among the APA. I believe that Diana is that person."

Rehman Abdulrehman, Ph.D., C.Psych.