"Diana brings deep experience in APA Governance, and played a crucial role in positive organizational change.  Diana exemplifies humility in leadership based in her values of  hard work, service, transparency, and relationships."

- Nancy Ruddy PhD

"There are clear barriers for equity and inclusion even within our professional association. The ability to make the positive changes needed to make our organization more inclusive will require not only a fresh take in thinking, but strong allyship to amplify the voices of those marginalized, even among the APA. I believe that Diana is that person."

- Rehman Abdulrehman, Ph.D., C.Psych.

"Diana has the unique ability to listen, connect with multiple groups, and maintain a positive focus.  She is a champion for practice, advocacy, state issues, and rural health.  Her experience with various levels of APA governance is a strength that would enable her to effectively hit the ground running as President.

- Kathleen Ashton, PhD, ABPP

"Diana has a tremendous record of leadership and advocacy in psychology and is well-prepared for taking on the role of President of APA."

- David J. Hansen, PhD

"I have been an APA member for 40 years, and Diana is unique as a presidential candidate. Some presidents have been eminent psychologists knowing little of the workings of the organization. Others were so fixated on APA that Potomac fever sequestered them from the density of the profession. A seamless leader has extensive experience to understand APA in its complexity, but is rooted in a life outside of APA. They should take the job seriously, but not themselves seriously. Servant leaders inspire, are approachable, and devoted to all members as colleagues. Diana and I are friendly acquaintances; in my years on Council I didn’t really know her, but I knew of her. She appeared sociable and competent, but she morphed into quite impressive and exceptional. This is a fine slate of APA Presidential candidates, but given her knowledge and personal qualities so aligned with those of the seamless leader noted above, it is my conclusive assessment that Diana is the leader APA needs at this time."  


John C. Linton, PhD, ABPP

Associate Vice President for Health Sciences

Dean, West Virginia University School of Medicine, Charleston

“As a Past President of the Maine Psychological Association and a member of the Executive Council I have had the opportunity to work with Diana, frequently accompanying her on her visits to "The Hill" advocating for variety of issues that affect psychology and the general public. Diana has a very good relationship with members of Congress such as Sen. Collins and Sen. King and is respected by them and their staff.”

- Ron Breazeale PhD


“I have known Dr Diana since she represented APA in international congresses and meetings, both with the European Federation of Psychologists’ Association (EFPA) and with the Portuguese Psychologists Association, of which I was president. From this knowledge was born a friendship marked by the exchange of ideas on various issues of psychology and my recognition of how Dr Diana has a wide knowledge of the various areas of psychology and how to put it at the service of citizens, in a close relationship between psychological science and contexts of practice. In addition, her knowledge includes a vision for the future of APA's role both in the US sphere and internationally. Her cross-context and cross-national concerns make her an excellent candidate for APA president.”

- Telmo Baptista, Portugal 


"Diana has a long track record of service to psychology, both nationally and in her home state of Maine; but what first captured me about Diana was her balanced professionalism and kindness, having both poise and genuineness. I could tell she had both a good heart and mind, which are essential characteristics of a great leader."

- Justin Karr, Ph.D.

"Dr. Prescott has fearlessly promoted the awareness and resolution of issues facing underserved populations. It would be incredible to have underserved and rural practice at the forefront of a presidential initiative, which would further build upon the wonderful work that has been done by recent APA presidents who have championed citizen psychology, diversity, deep poverty, and health equity.  I have no doubt that Dr. Prescott has what it takes to support APA and psychologists striving to meet the most complex needs in the context of science, practice, education, diversity, and advocacy."

- Emily Selby-Nelson, PsyD

"I am so pleased to  know Dr. Diana Prescott. We have been friends and colleagues for many years. Much of her clinical expertise is directed toward the psychological treatment of women and children. She is a highly sought after mental health provider in this area. But she does so much more. For example she has worked in hospital systems; addressing the challenges of obesity for children and teens. She has devoted herself to bettering the situation of the rural community population where poverty and mental health treatment needs often go unaddressed. She has been a wonderful adhesive to the Psychology and Mental Health community in Maine. Perhaps most of all, Dr. Prescott, in a most unassuming manner, makes things happen that always seem to enhance the well being of others."

- Cheryl S. Pelletier, Ph.D,


"Diana Prescott is the exact leader we need as we create the post-pandemic new normal. She is a collaborative leader who can bring all aspects of APA together to impact our profession, our nation and our world. She leads with kindness, compassion and models deep listening to expand our cultural understanding and humility. As an excellent therapist and  organizational thinker, she knows how to bring people together to infuse the science of human behavior into the creation of a more responsive, equitable and caring new normal. Diana is the right choice for the next President of APA."


Louise A Douce PhD


The Ohio State University, retired


"I have encouraged Diana’s emergence as a leader in the APA and believe she has all the right skills to lead the association during this challenging and divisive time in our nation."

- Doug Kimmel, Ph.D.

“I have known Dr. Prescott since before she was Dr… Prescott. I know her to be a thoughtful and inclusive person as a matter of character.  She has been constant advocate for our profession and those who most need what we have to offer, since we first met, nearly 40 years ago.”

- Glenn Smith, Ph.D.