Caucus on Utilization of New Talent (COUNT) Candidate Questions

Caucus on Utilization of New Talent (COUNT)

Request for Endorsement

Diana L. Prescott, Ph.D.

President-Elect Candidate, APA

Mission: The purpose of the Caucus shall be to advance the talents of elected representatives of the APA Council within the governance structure of the American Psychological Association by: (1) providing a forum for newly elected representatives to Council to increase their individual and combined effectiveness; (2) promoting the initiatives of newly elected members of the Council of Representatives; (3) creating new mechanisms for increasing each Council member’s active involvement in each phase of the governance process; (4) promoting the election of new and diverse people to Council and to APA Boards and Committees; and (5) promoting the diversity among new leaders in all areas and aspects of APA governance.

1. In reviewing COUNT's mission, in which specific ways would you use your presidency to support new members of APA governance and increase the effectiveness of Council?

I have always been a champion for enhancing the role of the doctoral students and early career psychologists in APA governance and on Council. I will continue to do so by specifically assuring that there is representation of newly elected representatives on presidential initiatives and task forces. I will welcome the input of COUNT as to other ways I might be able to assist with this as President, and I will attend the caucus meetings to hear COUNT’s recommendations. I believe APAGS and CECP could be helpful advising me as to how to assist with COUNT’s mission. Those identified on Boards and Committees and Council as first-time participants will be surveyed to see how they would like to be supported. Newly elected leaders’ initiatives will be prioritized to assure they are carefully vetted. I recall as a new member to Council, I would not have known how to put forward a new initiative. I also did not see myself in the COUNT caucus as “new talent,” so I did not attend. Attendance at COUNT will be scheduled for new members of Council to help provide them with encouragement, support, information, and mentoring, so their ideas can be quickly enhanced in Council.

2. In reviewing COUNT's mission, in which specific ways would you use your presidency to promote the election of new and diverse members to APA governance, and promote diversity within APA governance?

I am a favor of term limits and support assuring there are mechanisms in place to limit more senior members from taking excessive space in leadership, preventing other new and diverse members from leadership. Intersectionality is critically important here. I will recommend that a combined caucus of COUNT, the Ethnic Minority Issues in Psychology caucus, and the SPTA caucus suggest ways to elect new and diverse members to APA governance and promote diversity within APA governance. As you can see from my website (, the goal of our campaign is to create a large umbrella that includes all voices in APA. As President, I will be laser-focused on assuring that diversity of input and voice in our organization.

3. In what ways have you supported the mission of COUNT through your leadership experience and career?

I have lifted up the APAGS member on the Board of Directors in the role of mentor, supporting and assisting them and making sure their voice was heard on the Board. I have also done so as a Council member, encouraging newer members on Council in my role of Board member and more recently, as Recording Secretary. As the only President-Elect candidate who has served on the Executive Committee (EC) of the APA Board of Directors, I have reflected the perspectives of our new talent during the EC meetings. I have encouraged the doctoral students I have trained to join APA and participate in leadership and advocacy. In my local community, I have invited new women in psychology in the area to join our monthly luncheon, to help them feel connected with other professional women in the community.

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