Div 20 - Candidate Questions

APA’s Division 20 (Adult Development and Aging) is preparing its fall Newsletter. In the past we have featured statements from the APA Presidential candidates so that our membership can get a better sense of their connections with the D20 mission.

We would love to include a comment from you (no longer than 200 words) in response to the question: Many efforts of Division 20 members around research, teaching, and community engagement reflect the historic aging of our populations locally, nationally, and globally. What do you see as role of APA in responding to the new age-diversity of our social structures?

My desire is to form a large diverse organizational umbrella under which all psychologists bring their unique mixture of race, religion, age, cultural background, physical difference, sexual orientation, gender identity, political perspective, and theoretical orientation, united by our love of the discipline of psychology and our agreed-upon strategic plan. Including everyone’s voice prevents perpetuation of discrimination and racism in our organization and allows greater impact on our mission in the world to benefit society and improve lives.

I am supportive of the concepts incorporated in the Forbes article (7/19/2020) entitled, “The Diversity Employers Need to Remember: Age Diversity.” APA should assure consideration of age-diversity is embedded in the structure of our organization.

Externally, we need to play a central role in examining how to promote this type of age-diversity in our social structures globally by communicating our important research in this area; assuring this is incorporated into education; and extending this model into communities. I have aging parents, and I have learned how incredibly difficult and expensive it is to care for seniors. As APA President, I would be committed to looking for solutions in partnership with other organizations to these critically important issues related to adult development and aging.

Diana L. Prescott, Ph.D.

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