Election Statement

My friends and colleagues,

Thank you for the special opportunity to serve as President-Elect of APA. As a proven leader and collaborator, I ask for your vote. I include, connect, and unify people, and I can mobilize others to correct injustice, build bridges, help heal our systems, and create positive, timely impact. I was elected by our Council of Representatives to serve as Member at Large and Recording Secretary on the Board of Directors. I am the only candidate that has served as an officer on our Executive Committee, which has prepared me to be President-Elect.

I am a down to earth person devoted to psychology and psychologists. I have served as a state champion and federal advocate. I have experience in the major areas of our discipline of psychology. I am a scientist-practitioner who has taught and trained students and practiced in medical centers and consulting practice settings (both private and integrated). I care deeply about the rural and underserved. If elected, I plan to extend upon the previous presidential initiatives of deep poverty and health equity in our rural and underserved populations.

My desire is to form a large diverse organizational umbrella under which all psychologists bring their unique mixture of race, religion, cultural background, physical difference, sexual orientation, gender identity, political perspective, and theoretical orientation, united by our love of psychology and our agreed-upon strategic plan. We can strive to hear and respond to the various voices of our psychologists, meeting their needs and helping them obtain the necessary resources to develop to their full potential. At the same time, we must use our understanding of humanity and our collective unity as psychologists to address the pain we are witness to each day, resulting from factors like the COVID pandemic, brutal racism, and the natural and human disasters we are witness to in Haiti and Afghanistan. As President-Elect, I look forward to joining with you to make a difference in the world.

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