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Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Great to have the opportunity to sit down for this interview and conversation with the Executive Director of the Maine Psychological Association!

  • Hampden Psychological Consultation, PLLC – bought building, Hampden Psychological Properties, LLC – rural consulting practice evaluating and treating women and children, often referred by physicians. PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1992, licensed in 1993 originally in Indiana, practicing 28 years.

  • Moved to Maine in 1994. Dr. Sandy Coleman asked me if I wanted to take her seat as Member at Large on the Policy Council of the Maine Psychological Association, I believe in 1995. I had enjoyed the Indiana Psychological Association and wanted to get involved. I served as Member at Large for many years and volunteered to be a liaison to the APA Committee on Women in Psychology Network from MePA and then Federal Advocacy Coordinator. I have served as Federal Advocacy Coordinator for over 15 years. I was elected Council Representative for MePA, thanks to Dr. John Lorenz, and served two terms in this capacity.

  • Because of my work with MePA, I was able to take important leadership positions at APA, get elected to serve on the APA Committee on the Advancement of Professional Practice (CAPP), the Committee of State Leaders (CSL) and then as a Member at Large on the APA Board of Directors. Subsequent to this, I was elected Recording Secretary. While serving on the Board, I decided I needed to obtain international exposure. I started presenting at international meetings, after attending my first in Paris. After this, I presented on rural integrated care in Porto, Portugal; Milan, Italy; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Yokohama, Japan; and Montreal, Canada, as well as at the APA Conventions. Through my international contacts, I was elected Member at Large on the Board of the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP). I am also currently serving as Secretary for IAAP Division 17, Professional Practice.

  • I decided to run for APA President to represent the rural United States. If elected, I hope to build on Rosie Phillips Davis’ Deep Poverty Initiative and Jennifer Kelly’s One APA to create a big umbrella that includes all voices from all perspectives. One thing I have learned is there are many different perspectives in the APA and US. If we can get this right at APA, we can be a model for the US and the world.

  • Yes. My Intro Psych professor at Butler University, Dr. Sally Bell Beck, told me I needed to become a psychologist. I wanted to be a bilingual psychometrist, because I thought children were being inaccurately assessed in summer migrant school, due to language barriers. She told me I wanted to be a psychologist. “A psychometrist would make recommendations, and not one would listen to them.” I also was influenced by Dr. Rich Tirman who ran the Counseling Center at Butler. He and I started Reliable Resources, a peer counseling program. In graduate school, my dissertation chair was Dr. Jim Cole. He helped me understand the importance of dispositional assessment, how to help someone in the context of their problematic involvement.

  • The early career psychologists are the future of our profession. I am so excited to meet and include the energy and talent of our next generation of psychologists. I would encourage young parents to not neglect their career development, while raising children. Life is short, and we typically start life later, due to graduate school. It is important to Carpe Diem, so to speak, with regard to your career. Moving forward in the right direction in terms of your career, even part-time, will make a difference when your children are older. I would encourage new psychologists to consult with colleagues. It is critical to not be isolated in this work. Join your state association. Volunteer. You will not regret the time and effort and will benefit probably more individually and personally than will the organization from your involvement.

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