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Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am deeply grateful for the endorsement for President-Elect of the American Psychological Association (APA). In my professional life, there has perhaps been no greater honor I have received than this vote of confidence from you. This endorsement is especially meaningful to me because you know me so well. Thank you for trusting me to represent you in our APA.

Division 42 has been my professional home for Practice. I will continue to specifically attend to how well-funded Practice and the American Psychological Services Inc. (APASI) is, believing strength in our Practice community benefits APA and psychologists writ large.

Practitioners are inundated with referrals at a time when their active clients are struggling to cope due to both the COVID and racism pandemics. It has been very difficult to practice self-care during the pandemic. APA needs to prioritize providing resources for self-care for our practitioners.

Telehealth has opened a window of opportunity for clients to be readily treated, which has benefitted many, including the underserved and those living in rural areas. PsyPact offers the possibility of more easily practicing across state lines. Practice needs electronic tools and financial support to address the massive need for care that exists in our country, while simultaneously engaging in prevention efforts upstream. We also need sufficient psychological workforce, with financial support to address the demand for psychological services.

There is room in Practice for our integrated care efforts in medical clinics and schools, as well as our more traditional independent and co-located practice. Practicing psychologists need to be integrated in medical clinics, schools, government, places of employment, and traditional practice settings, as team leaders, utilizing our skills in consultation, program evaluation, assessment, and research. There are innovative roles for psychologists that do provide opportunities for advancement professionally and financially. It is vital that we network, unite, and enhance opportunities for each other moving into the future, partnering with organizations outside of APA to accomplish the mission of our strategic plan.

Quoting Dr. Bra Vada Garrett-Akinsanya, “Sistas need to get paid.” There is a lot of federal money available now for Practice, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We need to position APA to funnel this money to our psychologists in independent practice. As President, I will put my energy into prioritizing the needs of practitioners, using my advocacy skills to obtain critically needed financial resources.

I believe the most significant threat to our organization has been and will be our inability to come together as a cohesive united force. Although we are well-intended, we dilute the possibility of what we could do to positively influence the external world through our in-fighting and turf battles. Unfortunately, psychologists end up feeling marginalized and excluded, which weakens APA and the accomplishment of our mission.

I represent a vision for uniting our organization in the middle of extremely challenging times. I have the leadership background which qualifies me to lead at critical moments, having served twice on the APA Board during both the independent review and the COVID-19 and racism pandemics. We must help psychologists obtain necessary resources to develop to their full potential. Furthermore, we need to come together as an organization to advance our priorities and defend and protect our psychologists as well as the society in which we live.

I am dedicated to uniting, protecting, and advocating for the needs of psychology and psychologists. I have served as a devoted state champion and federal advocate. A down to earth proven leader and collaborator, I was elected by our Council of Representatives to serve as Member at Large and Recording Secretary on the Board of Directors. I am the only candidate that has served as an officer on our Executive Committee, which has prepared me to serve as President-Elect.

I would be grateful for your first-choice vote (or the highest rank consistent with your preference) during the election period of September 15-October 29. If you have any questions or feedback about our campaign, please check out our website at and send us a message. If you like what you see, please ask five APA friends to vote for me (and ask them to please ask five friends). I believe this campaign can be won with our grassroots effort.

I would like to thank campaign chairs Drs. Christine Jehu and Kevin Arnold; the campaign team including DEI team leader Dr. Cathy McDaniels-Wilson; state leaders Drs. Kathleen Ashton, Dinelia Rosa, and Roseann Fish Getchell; rural team leader Dr. Emily Selby-Nelson; division leaders Drs. Louise Douce and Doug Kimmel; social media expert Dr. Justin Karr and many others on our campaign team for their hard work and support. Thank you, Division 42, for your ongoing support!

With deep appreciation for my APA family in Practice,

Diana L. Prescott, Ph.D.

Candidate for APA President-Elect

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