Women's Caucus has Endorsed Diana!

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Thank you, Dr. Jackman, for sharing this wonderful news. As a long time member of the Women's Caucus and a friend and colleague to the other women running for President-Elect of APA, I think this was a very balanced and fair recommendation. I am very deeply grateful for the support of the Women's Caucus -- the support that helped me and many others accomplish what we have in our service to APA, in our professional lives, and in our work to improve our communities, our country, and our world. If elected, I will not forget this vote of confidence, and I will work together with the Women's Caucus in APA leadership to advance the goals of the caucus (monitor the Council agenda with particular attention to women’s issues; promote and advance women in APA leadership; develop women’s initiatives and move them into appropriate places within APA to be accomplished; monitor and promote fair, balanced employment practices within APA regarding women and minorities; generate Council legislation significant to women’s issues; and demonstrate, value, and respect the range, variety, and differences among women).

With thanks to the Women's Caucus and appreciation for your endorsement,

Diana Prescott


Thank you for the opportunity to respond to your specific and critically important questions. I appreciate so much the opportunity to request endorsement from the Women’s Caucus. I have been a member of the Women’s Caucus for many years, most recently after being elected by the APA Council to serve in the role of the Recording Secretary, which is an officer of our association and a member of the Executive Committee. I believe this leadership experience (and those that came before, such as serving as Member at Large on the Board of Directors), were promoted by the Women’s Caucus and have led to my ability to run for President-Elect of APA today. For this, I am grateful to you, my friends and colleagues.

Endorsement Criteria:

The Women’s Caucus will consider supporting candidates for APA offices who meet the following criteria:

  1. Women/women-identified candidates and other candidates with marginalized gender identities who, in APA divisional or state association activities and in their work, have demonstrated support for:

  2. Advancement of women in their profession.

  3. Improvement of the status of women (in terms of psychological or biomedical health, socioeconomic measures, or political access) in the community, nation, and world.

  4. Critical analysis of issues of sexism in the science and practice of psychology and advocacy of feminist theory.

  5. Development of educational models, research, and training programs that incorporate attention to women’s issues.

  6. Cisgender men candidates who have demonstrated the above.

Women’s Caucus Questions

Please respond to the following questions in order to be considered for endorsement from the Women's Caucus.

1. Please describe in detail, and with specificity, how you have demonstrated in the past, and/or currently, your support for women using the above criteria for endorsement:

I started regional groups for the psychologists who identify as female and are members of the Maine Psychological Association, because the women reported to me in my role as part of the APA Committee of Women in Psychology Network feeling isolated. Our Bangor group continues meeting regularly, joining remotely during the pandemic. My consulting practice business cards say, “Caring for Women and Children.” I consult with nearly all female identified people for treatment, including mothers with babies; girls, teens, and women presenting with eating disorders, domestic violence, sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, and perinatal mood disorders. I am improving the psychological health of girls, teens and women utilizing a feminist philosophy in treatment. In my leadership roles at APA, I have never missed a Women’s Caucus meeting, and I am a longstanding member of Division 35. Part of my job is to clear a path for our more diverse female colleagues, including our younger colleagues. I have lived this belief in my university practicum supervision with predoctoral students who are women, as well as in my work with doctoral students and early career psychologists involved in governance at APA. I modeled this in teaching Gender Studies, advocating feminist theory in my classroom. In my role of therapist, practicum supervisor, and colleague in governance, I have improved the status of women and helped women advance in their profession.

2. If you were to achieve office, in what ways would your goals reflect the importance of any or all of the following: advancing women in the profession; improving the status of women in the community, nation, or world; promoting a critical analysis of issues of sexism in the science and practice of psychology; and encouraging the development of educational models, research and training programs that incorporate attention to women's issues?

I am concerned about the rural and underserved and have contributed to the education and medical care of migrant farmworkers, teens, and children. In doing so, I have been most concerned about the ways in which girls, female teens, and women are often disempowered and traumatized. I will extend upon the previous presidential initiatives of eliminating deep poverty and improving health equity in rural areas, nationally and internationally, with a particular focus on enhancing the status of women and girls in rural areas in the community, nation, and world. I will prioritize the development of educational models, research, and training programs that further the development of our understanding of women’s issues such as perinatal mood disorders and trauma. As a feminist psychologist and President of APA, I will certainly support the critical analysis of issues of sexism in the science and practice of psychology. Right now, APA is examining the ways in which we have contributed historically to racism. It will also be important to consider the ways in which sexism has occurred and is occurring at APA and in our field. I will assure that we are advancing women in the profession both in our APA house, in governance, and externally in our training and employment of women in psychology.

3. How would you achieve those goals?

As the only candidate who is serving on the Executive Committee on the APA Board of Directors, I have a good understanding of how to achieve these goals. APA should increase financial resources to address issues of girls and women, such as perinatal mood difficulties and trauma. I will work with the Executive Leadership Team, the Finance Committee, and the Board of Directors to assure initiatives related to issues of girls and women are adequately funded. I will meet with Past-President Rosie Phillips Davis to further discuss the impact of deep poverty on rural and underserved women, as well as with President Jennifer Kelly to review the need for health equity for rural and underserved women. I will use this information to partner with our experts regarding the needs of the rural and underserved to move to reduce poverty and improve health equity for rural and underserved girls. I will assure that we are examining our own APA house in terms of staffing and governance leadership roles, as well as women in psychology in the external world to determine that women are advancing and earning salaries equal to their male counterparts. I think Public Interest, Education, Science, Practice, and Applied Psychology could benefit from funding earmarked to develop our understanding of women’s issues such as perinatal mood disorders and trauma. I will advocate for a critical analysis of issues of sexism in the science and practice of psychology, which would likely involve both a review of our history and the contemporary state of our discipline.

To achieve these goals, I will partner with the Women’s Caucus, which has the energy and necessary human and financial resources to help accomplish these critically important goals. Thanks for your support for my candidacy of President-Elect of APA. I am looking forward to accomplishing this mission together to improve the lives of girls and women across the lifespan.

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