Psychology would not exist without our scientific base on which we rely for the underpinnings of what is meaningful and important in our work as psychologists. We need to assure that  our scientists have the financial support they need to conduct their critically important research. 


Psychologists possess a large social-behavioral knowledge base with a foundation on research in science (scientist-practitioners).  Science is foundational in practice, education, and improving the public welfare. 


I understand the critical importance of grant funding for research to advance scientific knowledge and assist with obtaining tenure and promotion. I will advocate to assure adequate federal and state funding for psychological research.


I will emphasize the critical importance of identifying scientists of color and promoting them in their careers to assure there is inclusion and diversity in those who study psychological science.  


Scientific study of human behavior plays a central role in the most challenging issues in society. Uplifting and supporting the growth of the research pipeline for diverse psychologists, along with elevating the psychological subject matter experts on diversity and health disparity, should be a priority for APA.